Silver Shine Slate , łupek , Ardoise

We AMC Marmo India Processor , manufacturer and Exporter of Silver Shine slates  łupek , Ardoise. We have beautiful silver shine Slates  łupek , Ardoise which is useful for interior and Exterior Design of house bedrooms and kitchen Bathrooms and many places. Silver shine Slate  łupek , Ardoise. It is natural slate it is processed and manufacture by AMC Marmo India Silver shine slate  łupek , Ardoise. It is available in many sizes like 30 CM x 30 CM , 60 CM x 60 CM , 40 CM x 40 Cm with different thickness like 10 MM , 12 MM , 15 MM , 18 MM. We AMC Marmo can give different sizes  to our customers. Slates are also available in different finishes like Polished , natural , Sawn we have facility and state of the art plant and machinaries so we can make any sizes as per customer requirements. Our best quality and best finishes is always attraction point for our customers. We are quality slate  łupek , Ardoise manufacturer silver shine slate it is very beautiful and it is very demanding product in India and Many other countries in this world. Silver shine slate it is useful for interiors and Exteriors of House , Building and Offices. Silver shine slate’s  łupek , Ardoise benefits is there is no impact of weather condition and it always remains same. So we can use silver shine slate  łupek , Ardoise in Exterior and Interior both places. Silver shine slates also available in veneers of 1220 x 610 MM with 1 MM thickness. With natural Finishes. AMC Marmo is Prominent and best quality provider of Indian Natural Slate  łupek , Ardoise Silver Shine. We AMC Marmo have 30000 Sqft Covered Area Where we can polish and Making stock of Silver shine slates  łupek , Ardoise. We are cutting blocks of silver shine slates  łupek , Ardoise and providing different finishes to our customers. We are also giving skirting of silver shine slate so we can also use as borders of floors and it help us to increase the beauty of our flooring. Cut size tiles we can use anywhere in kitchen , bathroom , Bedroom and Parking area Exterior of house and building.